Why Affinity?

All our tables have evolved from a real understanding of what you, as therapists, want and more importantly, what you expect from a leading manufacturer.  We are proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and unquestionable value.  Our understanding of your needs and our ability to deliver products that are fit for purpose is what makes Therapy Essentials unique.

Years of development and research into materials, design and technology, have created a superb range of Affinity therapy tables, for all types of treatments including holistic, beauty therapy and spa, as well as sports, medical and training establishments.

With comfort and wellbeing of client/patient our prime consideration, our ergonomic designs are engineered to ensure your own comfort too, with many innovative ideas for close work and posture support.  We know that a comfortable therapist will always give a better treatment!

Whether you are considering a lightweight portable or static salon/spa table, there is an Affinity table to meet all your requirements.  Built to last, all Affinity tables are stress tested to a weight of 32 stone/450lbs and are covered by our 2 year warranty.

Depending upon your specialty, we have designed this website so that you can easily find the best selection of tables for your treatments, as well as a superb range of accessories and oils to compliment your business.  To help you make your table selection, don’t forget to take a look at our Affinity Buyer’s Guide!