Affinity aluminiums 2x2

Affinity for Sports Massage

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Focus on Affinity for sports massage …

Affinity aluminiums 2x2


As an industry leading brand for over 13 years, we know how important it is to have equipment that is fit for purpose.

All too often we hear about creaky, wobbly, even collapsing, frames and these stories fueled our mission to create strong, comfortable and durable products for the professional market but also affordable for those learning their trade.

Our Affinity sports range have been built to withstand the toughest treatment. They are happy carrying the biggest rugby players, they can be thrown in and out of the back of a vehicle and are regularly found on tour with National sports teams and Strongman competitions and in athletes’ villages at events all over the world.

Our sporting line up are:  Affinity Marlin, Affinity 8, Affinity Athlete and Affinity Sports Pro. These couches feature a firmer foam and are upholstered in a ‘slightly less giving’ material for maximum impact.

Others equally at home in the sporting sphere are:  Affinity Portable Flexible, Affinity Powerlift and Affinity Versalite.  Although a less dense foam and softer, PU upholstery, these couches are still regularly purchased for use in the industry.

Our Affinity Sports Stars

For more information on Affinity for sports, email: or hop over to our find a dealer page

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