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Affinity Sports Pro with FREE Saddle Stool and pack of 100 disposable breathe hole covers

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Until 31st October we are giving away a Saddle Stool and pack of 100 disposable breathe hole covers with each Affinity Sports Pro purchased.  Available in navy and white, the Sports Pro is a firm favourite with sports physios/therapists and can be found in a number of top flight sports clubs and prolific health club chains all over the UK and Europe.

Sports or Beauty Pro navy + Saddle Stool main image + Disposable breathe hole covers x100 (2)


For more information please contact one of our distributors.



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      Hello Kevin,

      I have tried to email you but for some reason delivery failed. Hopefully you will get this. Unfortunately I can’t attach the brochure to this message so perhaps you could just reconfirm the email?

      Thank you for your message regarding the Affinity Sports Pro. The Sports Pro is a great couch but, designed more towards the sports physio market, if you are enquiring with regards the couch for use with more elderly patients, I would possibly look towards the Affinity Powerlift as this has a little more padding and extra width. I have attached the spec sheet for the Powerlift as we would be more than happy to extend the offer across to this couch for you if that was more suitable.

      As requested, I have attached some further information on this product. In terms of price, I have listed a couple of our distributors to give you an idea.

      Body Massage Shop
      Natural Living
      Physical Company

      Body Massage Shop Powerlift
      Natural Living Powerlift

      There are more but these will give you a feel.

      Kevin, I hope this gives you the information you need. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Kindest regards


      Maxine Bridges
      Sales Manager – Therapy Essentials

      MOB: 07831 235855

      + 44 (0) 1993 777200

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      Hello Kevin,
      Could I just check that you received the information on this product? Should you be interested, we would be happy to look into a special discount for you. You can email me on
      Kindest regards
      Maxine Bridges
      Sales Manager – Therapy Essentials Division

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